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You deserve to have the best team representing you and 

California Property Investment Group is your One Stop Shop in Property Management when it comes to your investment property.

It's so easy finding yourself frustrated with the duties involved in renting a property, especially the nuances, such as the ever-changing rules and regulations in which to comply with Fair Housing and Rent Control, and more...

  • rent collection,
  • serving notices,
  • move-outs,
  • documentation / photos / video,
  • Move-in Lease up's,
  • phone calls,
  • complaints,
  • record keeping,
  • rental housing inspection programs,
  • paying bills
  • taxes
  • utilities
  • maintenance coordination


Are you searching for a full-service Sacramento Property Management company... 

  1. that understands what you want.
  2. that assures your investment property is secure and trouble free.
  3. that is knowledgeable about the local market and provides the skills and experience to handle the inevitable stops and stalls.
  4. where you only pay for the service, you need.


Todd and Lizette have the tools and expertise to manage any investment property the proper way, either residential or commercial. Our clients take advantage of the online portal, accessible from any computer, tablet, or phone. With our communications guarantee, License Real Estate Agent direct communications deliver up-to-date news regarding their rental property, via phone, email, and/or text. Includes an online Tenant portal for easy rent deposits and convenient documented work order for repairs. Cost savings vendor list and quick service for tenants.


We work with Sacramento clients that expect to have their rental property leased out immediately to tenants that take care of their property, pay rents on time, and without unwanted stress.


Let me explain why California Property Investment Group Inc. is the "One Stop Shop in Property Management"...

Todd and Lizette charge their clients for the services they require, such as the Monthly Management fee. This fee includes rent collections, owner monthly statements, direct deposit / owner draws, owner online portal, 24/7 maintenance coordination, work order communications with tenants and vendors, notice coordination to tenants, annual 1099, end of year report, Home Warranty communications, and more. This is quite a bundle!

The Lease-Up is an additional service we provide for our clients. This fee offers another complete bundle of services for our clients. To start, Todd and Lizette walk the property to address the unit conditions, safety concerns, conforming rental housing inspection items too. They create marketing materials, such as photos & video, advertise the unit on several platforms: CALPIG website, CALPIG texting platform, CALPIG Facebook, Facebook marketplace, as well as many successful social media syndications. CALPIG qualifications page including online application for applicants, online credit card with background credit check, application processing, answering many, many, many interested inquiries followed up with phone call screening, security deposit collections followed by 1st month rent, move-in sheet, City Inspection Program form filled out, courtesy online signed Lease-Up Agreement for all confirmed applicants, and all governing laws followed.

Both the city and county have an Inspection Program and each year they require the unit to be inspected. The owner can perform their own inspection or the owner's representative can inspect the property. This is a service we provide and, in this case, Todd and Lizette charge clients a flat rate fee to perform this duty. This fee includes contacting the tenants, performing interior and exterior inspections, including photos and/or video if necessary.  The condition is documented with the city provided forms, signed by tenant, then saved for record keeping on our online software. The city may request them at any time, and owners must have them for each year. If necessary, repairs are needed, we contact the necessary vendors, then follow up on repairs. Again, quite a bundle!

Another separate service fee is for processing the Move-Out. Of course, the owner may perform the move out themselves, however this too is a service we provide for our clients. Agents coordinate the date with the tenants, walk the unit to inspect the conditions, written documentation with photos, security deposit processing for vacating tenant, vendor coordination with follow up. Making the unit rent ready. We work closely with our vendors to reduce costs. And if possible, Todd is handy and can perform the necessary repairs the right way at a reduced cost. If Todd is unable to repair, there is no cost to the owner and a professional will be called to attend repairs. Our attention is to help our clients increase their portfolio profits.

Communication is key. In a situation where we have two rental property owners or more, we notify them via text and/or email, especially when a request for repairs arises. This makes them aware of what is coming up and what it may take to repair, as well as include the vendor's proposal.  In our agreement, it says you authorize us to perform repairs if the cost is under $500. In this case, it’s mainly for an emergency situations and attention is a must. As stated before, we always reach out to our clients to inform them and request authorization under normal situations regardless.


Another reason to choose us!

The reason why our clients work with us is for our continued education in the ever-changing laws and regulations that protects their investment property.

Todd and Lizette have every service our clients need when it comes to managing their rental property. We love what we do, so that our clients can do what they love doing.


Judy Ann Fingado -

Todd and Lizette met me at my condo that I wanted to rent out. They went over all the details and answered every one of my questions. I hired them on the spot to manage my condominium. In a matter of 7 or 8 days (maybe a few days more or less), they had secured very responsible tenants. I have to say, I never had to worry about anything. The tenants were responsible, paid their rent in advance and after a year of tenancy I needed the condo back. They left the condo in great shape. When I acquired access to the unit it was in better shape than when they rented it. Todd and Lizette made sure that the condo was cleaned, painted and carpets were cleaned. This company handled everything from the very start to the finish. I did not have to do anything! They are amazing! Todd is so knowledgeable about everything property related. Whenever there was any issue, I was promptly advised, and Todd took care of everything. Lizette is amazing to work with as well. Both Todd and Lizette answer emails, texts, and phone calls immediately. They make a great team. I just can't believe they perform all the services stated in their brochure. Thank you, Todd, and Lizette, it's been wonderful working with both of you.


Target marketing cutting-edge qualification techniques, tenant management, annual property inspections, and attention to detail is precisely why Sacramento Real Estate clients trust us to manage their rental properties.


Now then...


When will you be ready to start enjoying the simpler things in life, most importantly, your time?




We make the entire property management process a seamless experience for you.

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